SIZE           SERVINGS        STARTING PRICE

4 INCH                1-8                     £25

6 INCH               6-8                      £45

8 INCH             10-14                    £55

10 INCH            20-25                   £65

Brownie CAKES

2 X  Layered Brownie Cake £35-£40 (Due to choice of toppings)              


If you aren't quite sure what cake you would like to be made, you'll find some previous cakes that I have created in previous orders. 

6" Cake with fruit topping, gold leaf and chocolate filling.
4 Inch Baby Shower Cake
4" Cookie Cake
4" Strawberry Shortcake Cake
4 Inch Mini Cake With Personalised Topper
Rick & Morty
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At present all local deliveries will be greeted by myself with a facemask on and clean hands (using hand sanitiser) and will placed on the ground by your front door and with myself at a safe distance ensuring you, my lovely customer and me are safe. 

If you have ordered for collection your order, please wear a facemask. Your order will be placed on a small table/chair for you to collect safely with me still wearing a face mask and hands sanitised.

This may feel slightly impersonal for now but please know this is to ensure you and me are staying safe during these uncertain times and that you still get to have your delicious treats!

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