SIZE           SERVINGS        BASE PRICE

4 INCH                1-8                     £25

6 INCH               6-8                      £45

8 INCH             10-14                    £55

10 INCH            20-25                   £65

Brownie CAKES

2 X  Layered Brownie Cake £35-£40 (Due to choice of toppings)              


If you aren't quite sure what cake you would like to be made, you'll find some previous cakes that I have created in previous orders. The below prices are a baseline and any requests or modifications/changes will incur an additional cost..

6" Cake with fruit topping, gold leaf and chocolate filling.
4 Inch Baby Shower Cake
4" Cookie Cake
4" Strawberry Shortcake Cake
4 Inch Mini Cake With Personalised Topper
Rick & Morty
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