Frequently asked questions

Do you do Vegan, GF & DF?

Yes! All of my bakes are vegan friendly and I do cater for people who are gluten intolerant. Everything I buy e.g sweets, marshmallows, chocolate etc is always vegan friendly. If you have any specific dietry requests (eg no nuts, sugat ertc.) then please do email me them, and I will do my very best to suit your requirements (If I cannot, I will inform you ASAP).

How much notice do I need?

This will all depend on the availability at the time. If you are wanting a large order, 1-2 weeks is the ideal amount of notice to give. The notice period for small orders is 3-5 working days, this is all dependant on availability. If you are absolutely craving one of my cakes or sweets treats, I will try my very best to fit you in, to fufill your sugary needs. Nevertheless, what I do reccommend on any order is for you get your order in ASAP. That way there will be no dissapointment.

Do you handle nuts?

Yes, as I work in my family home kitchen, nuts are handled. If you have a nut allergy, please inform me ASAP. Nuts can be excluded but please be aware that we do handle nuts.

Do you make shaped or fondant cakes?

No. I do not do shaped cakes or fondant cakes. All of my cakes are with buttercream (american). If you are wanting a themed cake, I can still suit your request with a buttercream cake and some fondant figures. At the moment, my cakes are all tall, elegant style cakes with a lovely theme or quirky twist. l also produce bouqet flower cupcakes, if you are wanting a different style to your average cupake.

Can I freeze my cake or bakes?

Depending on what you have ordered, you can freeze certain cakes and bakes. Please email me if you are wanting to find out and I will let you know ASAP.

How long will my cakes and sweet treats last?

In my terms and conditions I do state how long cakes and sweet treats last. Please do get in touch to ask if you cannot find this and want to know.

I have an intolerance or allergy, can I still order a cake or sweet treat from you?

If you have an intolerance or allergy please let me know in your order, if you do not inform me of your intolerance or allergy, I am not liable.

What do you do with my data?

Please see my privacy policy here regarding your data.

How will my postal bakes be sent?

All postal bakes are posted either via Royal Mail or Courier (Hermes). You will be given a tracking number so you can track your delicious bakes!

Do you offer refunds on postal bakes?

At present I cannot offer a refund due to cost of ingredients and time spent baking the goods. What I can offer is for another box to be sent out to you if your box does not arrive within the perishable item delivery time frame.