Beuno Slutty Brownie

Beuno Slutty Brownie


These brownies are simply divine, three layers of goodness that will make you want more!

  • Product And Allergen Information

    6x Beuno Brownies

    Ingredients: Cocoa powder, praline paste, dark chocolate, vegan white chocolate, vegan milk chocolate, caster sugar, flour (gluten), soya milk, sunflower oil, soya cream.

    Allergens: hazelnuts, soya & Gluten

  • Postal And Delivery

    Northamptonshire Deliveries:

    • £2.50 for areas within NN1-NN4
    • £3.50 NN5-NN6

    Northamptonshire Collection:

    • You can collect if you prefer please let me know

    UK Deliveries: 

    • All bakes will be sent out as soon as possible
    •  I will have certificate of posting or a tracking number that will be sent to you to track your parcel.